10 Smart Colorful Apartment Decor Ideas And Remodel for Summer Project

When you are bored with your apartment, it is time to re-decorate and remodel it. There are so many apartment decor ideas and remodel to try to enhance the look. So, you will feel excited to stay there. Below, you can find inspirations to make your apartment more eye-catching.

Gallery display is the very first idea you can try. To show the collection of your decorative elements, you can use floating shelves. It is a unique way to have a gallery display. If you do not want to make holes in the wall, you can consider basic shelves.
If you are stuck with the materials and finishes of your apartment, you do not need to have fabulous furniture. Here, what you need is only statement piece. You can select statement furniture in each room to be the focal point. For examples are dining table, sofa, etc.

Studio living is a smart idea. It is very effective to make your apartment much cozier. In this case, you just need to apply a palette with consistent color from bedroom to kitchen. For a cohesive look, we recommend you to repeat materials and finish. Additionally, you can employ rugs for visual boundaries.

Re-decorating and remodeling an apartment should not cost much. If you consider a budget plan, you just need a little ingenuity & creativity. This will be appropriate for a small space. If you consider a temporary style, black and white prints can be a great display.

When it comes to apartment decor ideas and remodel, the most important thing to plan is the color scheme. Neutral walls always are the most favorite. However, you can try different nuances. Sea of beige can be a new look inside your apartment. Sticking to a 2-color scheme can enhance the interior look, too.

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