8 Stunning Balance of Modern and Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

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Modern and contemporary are 2 different decorating styles. Many people think that they are same but they are actually not. A modern design comes with various incarnations so that it is a bit complex. It refers to modern art movement in the home interior. It is simple and fuss-free and focuses on earthy colors and neutral materials. On the other side, a contemporary design means current design trends. It is unique by borrowing elements from other design styles. So, how about balance of modern and contemporary interior design?

Mixing modern and contemporary is a great idea for your home interior. In this plan, you must understand the similarities between them. Both of them come with zero flash and clean architectural lines. So, your home interior will have a sophisticated & elegant look.

They also bring an open space feel. In this case, you can adopt an open floor concept. For example, your dining room merges the kitchen. Alternatively, your living room is merged with the kitchen. So, the rooms will not only look more spacious but also feel airy & comfortable.

As both offer uncluttered and simple look, make sure that you throw away the heavy elements as well as ornate designs. In this case, you have to apply smaller and lighter elements only. By keeping your home interior simple, the modern & contemporary styles are balanced well.

One more, it is also a good idea to have furnishings such as chairs, ottomans, and sofas with bare legs & slim bases. These styles highlight furnishings which boast reflective surfaces, too. Exposed metals and glass are the examples. In the balance of modern and contemporary interior design, you may also often find plenty of natural wooden material such as end tables with metal base, raw reclaimed wooden tabletops, and many more.

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