9+ fabulous side yard garden design ideas and remodel

Do you want to build a garden around your home but there is only a small space? Well, the side yard garden can be the solution. As its name, here you can exploit the small space in the side of your home for building a lovely garden. Although it is only a small garden, I am sure that it will be effective to increase the coolness around your home.

Then, what to do to start building and decorating the side yard garden to beautify the look of the home decor?

First, you need to be aware that the space for the side yard garden is limited. It means you cannot add many plants and accessories there. Besides, you need to be wise in accepting the ideas for building the garden.

Well, to start the side yard garden decor, it will be effective when you decide the space and its function. For example, you divide some spaces to plant the plants, space to make a small way, and others. It includes in the preparation to arrange the ideas of the garden with neat detail.

Then, remember the small space. You need to be creative in planting. To manage the space, you may explore the upper space. Using a rack is a sample to maximize the planting in a small space. Not only will it be useful to add more plants, but the rack can be a tool to make a neat arrangement for your garden.

Thinking about the flooring is also essential in this garden decoration. The flooring will influence the whole look of your side yard garden. Here, you can plant kinds of weeds to make a natural-green flooring idea. However, for a more modern concept, arrange bricks also can be the idea.

We have several samples of the side yard garden on this page. Scroll it and get the inspiration.

image source : pinterest.com

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