30+ Modern Rustic Kitchen Decor Open Shelves Ideas

Shelving is an important part of the kitchen decor that you need to think about. This matter will be helpful especially when you need a space to save the kitchen stuff. With a shelf, I am sure that you will be easier to manage the stuff and make a nice arrangement. Of course, your kitchen will be neat and it is good for the kitchen decor view.

Well, talking about the kitchen shelving, these are many ideas of it to be found. One of the most interesting ideas is the open shelves idea. Do you ever hear about this idea? Well, as its name, an open shelf is a space to arrange the stuff without any cover.

It is a modern shelf that is applied to ease you in taking or arranging the stuff of the kitchen. By applying this shelf model, you could directly take the stuff that you need. Then, an open shelf is also nice in its view. This idea of shelving will be useful to add an interesting touch of the kitchen decoration concept.

However, before applying the open shelf idea, these are some matters that you need to think first. Choosing the theme is very essential since a theme will influence the result of the decoration. Here, a rustic open shelf is a nice option for you. When you want to have a shelf for your kitchen with a sense of nature, of course, rustic is the best option to be applied.
Then, after choosing rustic as the theme of the open shelf, you need to think about the material. Rustic is identical with the use of woods. Here, you need to apply a high-quality wood to create a durable open shelf. I think hardwood or mahogany is a good option.

On this page, we have several samples of the open shelf for the kitchen decoration. You could see some samples of it and approve which sample that is nice for your kitchen!

image source: pinterest.com

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