Garden is an interesting part of home decoration. I am sure that most people want to have a garden around their home. Yes, it is because the garden will provide fresher air and a greener look. On another hand, the garden also will create a beautiful view of the home decoration.

Unfortunately, not everyone has space in their home to make their dreamed garden. As we know, today, the price of land is getting high day by day and it is common when people do not see a garden as an important part of their home.

Beneath it all, there is a fact that you could create your garden in a small space. I am sure that it could be the solution for those who have limited space around their home. With the small space, you are still able to make the green garden and beautify the view of your yard.
Then, what to do to start gardening in the small space?

Deciding space is the first way to do when you want to start gardening. It is better when you make the border of the garden area. Yes, the border here could be useful to make a neat garden and making sure the length of space that you have for making a garden.

When space for a garden is complete, start to make it green. A garden is identical with a green look. You could plant weeds as the basic plant. Then, plant other useful plants to fulfill the garden. For example, you may plant medical plants, some flowers, and others.

Of course, maintenance becomes something that you cannot forget. You need to pour water over the plants to make sure that it gets maximal nutrition. Here, we have several ideas of creating a wonderful garden in a small space for home decor. See the sample and get inspiration from it.

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