7+ Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. A bathroom is usually located near a bedroom or sometimes it is the part of bedroom. Anyway, bathroom should be decorated as chic as possible. For bathroom decor ideas, we have a collection of chic decorations that can inspire you all.

This decoration style works well in any bathroom. In addition, you can also realize it easily. There are many ideas found here. The most crucial thing is the color. White is the best option when it comes to bathroom color. It can also be paired with any other color well. Anyway, white always provides a chic look for any room including bathroom. Just paint your bathroom with white and you will find a classy look in it. White can also be applied on furniture. If you want a rack, storage, or anything else, white still becomes the best choice.

Floor is also crucial here. You can choose any color for your bathroom floor. However, make sure that you choose floor color that can enhance its look. Bright colors should be prioritized. Besides white, light blue also becomes a good option for shabby chic look.

Color provides tones. For more beautiful look, gentle tones can be considered. Sand or light pink belongs to the most beautiful examples. With this color, your bathroom will feel peaceful. If you can bring a peaceful nuance into your bathroom, you will be excited to use your own bathroom.

Pink is appropriate for you who love girly look. It is also good for extra vivid option. Even though you can freely select your desired color, there are some colors you have to avoid. For example, you have to avoid any shine color. Hopefully, you are inspired by these bathroom decor ideas.

image source : pinterest.com

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