11+ Pretty Bathroom Design Ideas For Home

Having a luxurious bathroom is a dram for everyone. However, it requires great efforts to realize this dream. Different people may have different desires for their bathrooms. But they will always want to make their bathroom look luxurious. We have some bathroom design ideas that offer luxurious looks. You may get inspired from the following ideas.

The most important thing is that you find the appropriate installments. Starts from the floor, marble floor will be great. Even though you may spend higher costs, the luxury will be worth it. However, you can also consider tiles for more affordable options. Tiles still bring a luxurious look even though it does not cost too high.

Adding a carpet can also be considered. However, make sure that the carpet is placed on the dry area of your bathroom. Carpet will really enhance your bathroom look. If you apply white dominant color in your bathroom, you can try the bolder color for the carpet. For example is a red carpet.

Then, you cannot forget about the bathtub. There are many options of bathtubs that come with luxurious designs. A round bathtub as seen on the picture is one of the examples. It really looks luxurious, doesn’t it?
You must also decide the light fixture. The model of light fixture should be based on your desired style. It comes in various options. So, just feel free to select the most attractive one.

Talking about bathroom design ideas cannot be separated from bathroom furniture. To make your bathroom look more luxurious, it must have complete furniture. It means, your bathroom must have storage and sink. When choosing the bathroom furniture, the first thing you will need to decide is the material. For example, you can consider a bathroom sink with marble countertop, a wooden towel hanger, etc.

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