10 Lovely Elegant and Calm Retreat with Extraordinary Views of the Landscape

If you are a retired couple with grown children, it will be a good plan to stay in an elegant and calm retreat with extraordinary views of the landscape. What I mean is a house designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. This is addressed on the western edge of Gros Ventre Butte, Jackson, WY. It comes with contemplative as well as dramatic spaces. So, it will be great for your old age.

For the material, it is made from a soft steel canopy. Besides that, it also has a clear entrance. A series of linear bars are also available there. In addition, you can also find a wood-lined box to capture the awesome views of the private garden from the kitchen and dining room.

The spaces are really amazing. It has an entrance that opens to a transparent pavilion. It looks stunning with glass wall & door. It contains a living room as well as master suite. You can also find a floating staircase for connecting the living room with the lower level so that it creates more casual spaces. In this house, the outdoor terrace views can be enjoyed in your free time.

This residence comes with full integration. It is very impressive with its natural materials and planted roost. They can complement the landscape colors and textures. Its site has a rustic architecture & crisp volumes. The thin roof is also nice to define a new architecture.

As an elegant and calm retreat with extraordinary views of the landscape, Jackson Residence should be your choice. This is a 2016 project and now becomes one of the most amazing residences. Staying at this residence is really relaxing. It is a perfect place to avoid stress. That is why it is recommended for retired people or older ones.

image source: pinterest.com

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