8 Awesome Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Bring Style to Your Fireplace

The fireplace is an interesting part of room decoration. As its name, it is the place of fire that will be useful to increase the warmth both inside and outside the room, especially when the cold season is coming. On another hand, a fireplace also becomes a part of the decoration, which its appearance will increase the result of the room decoration.

Well, since a fireplace becomes a part of the decoration, seeing the detailed parts of this accessory is quite essential. You do not enough only consider the size of the fireplace but you need to think about its mantel. Yes, the mantel of the fireplace will build a sense of it, whether it is good or not.

When we are talking about the mantel for the fireplace, these are some ideas that you may consider. Layer the look becomes the first idea to see. The uniqueness of this mantel idea is the pattern. You will see the traditional pattern on the layer that will beautify your fireplace.

The second idea of the mantel for the fireplace is to enlarge the room with some mirrors. It is a simple idea that you may apply. Adding some mirrors and pictures above the fireplace will increase the natural light for the decoration. Then, your space of the fireplace also will look larger with this decor style.

Arranging found items also can be a good idea to be considered. It is a simple idea but the result of this decor concept is very nice. You can arrange some vases with flowers there. However, you need to be careful with the doses of the objects. Do not place too many objects there.

On this page, we have several samples of how to decorate the mantel of the fireplace for renewing the look of room decor. You can see that samples and find a new inspiration.
Description: a fireplace is a good part of room decor. However, thinking the decor idea of its mantel is also nice to maximize the result of the fireplace decoration.

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